Hier haben sie die Möglichkeit, sich in meinem Online-Gästebuch einzutragen. Ich freuen mich über ihre Wünsche, Anregungen und Eindrücke.


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  • Udo M. Schurr-fineART (Mittwoch, 06. Juli 2016 00:05)

    Machst schöne Bilder mit den Dosen!
    Mir schein, dass Deine Homepage aber etwas durcheinander ist. Aber daran kann man basteln:-)

  • Cosmo Universal Art (Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2016 00:16)

    Awesome page Waka, , very professional, your art is Awesome as well, I support you in every way possible, your the best international friend in the world, keep up the awesome art my Brother.

  • Chris van Zinderen (Freitag, 01. Mai 2015 10:53)

    Hey men, Looks realy great,

    I told you first thing in the morning hehe

    here i am

    wel everything looks professional i need to set op this kind of things to and start doing live shows to ... but first i need permit for that... thats wat i'm going to do today trying to get one

    wel wish you al best luck and hope you do great business and maybe i will vizit you someday and we paint together ..

    regards Zinderende Kunsten

    website stil not ready jet but its building

  • Westphal Heidi (Samstag, 11. April 2015 01:21)

    Tolle Homepage und schöne Bilder.

  • Александр (Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015 18:57)

    Очень нравятся работы, красиво.


Diskussion geschlossen
  • Harold Cagle (Dienstag, 12. Mai 2015 23:51)

    Love the art my friend.

  • Monica (Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2015 02:13)

    Hi.. well hello from Texas my Facebook friend. Its been quite a journey but success is what we make it.. keep dreams alive and make them happen.

  • Cosmo Universal Art (Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015 19:13)

    Dear Friend Congrat on your up Coming Event ,Your site looks Great & Clean Cut, love the Water Mark on your Art is very smart of you,and i look foward to see ya'll Grow, Your Friend &
    Supporter Cosmo.

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